Mad Skills Motocross


Speed, backflips, and extreme challenges on two wheels


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Mad Skills Motocross is a racing game in two dimensions on which you'll need to reach the finish line in each level while trying not to fall of the bike as you carry out all sorts of crazy moves.

The game comes with over fifty different circuits that are divided into five divisions in which you will be put to the test as you gradually improve your skills. Plus, thanks to the scene editor, you'll also be able to create your own tracks.

As you go, you can pick up some 'power ups' that’ll let you get ahead and help you win the races. Turbo, for example, not only lets you go faster but also allows you to jump further, enabling you to carry out air flips.

Mad Skills Motocross has really nice hand-drawn graphics, game play that is both easy to learn and difficult to master. A truly excellent racing game.

You can only play a limited number of tracks.

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